It’s a deadly game of defend the base in Earth and Blood, the latest from director Julien Leclercq.

Said has cut out a nice place for himself and his daughter, Sarah, in the Ardennes. They have their own land and their own sawmill, a rough business, but it allows them to support themselves and keep out unnecessary trouble. It’s all going well until one of their employees brings a stash of drugs to their property and the cartel along with it. Suddenly under siege, they have no choice but to fight their way out.

source: Netflix

This promises to be a welcome surge of adrenaline while much of the world is stuck at home, and since it’s a Netflix original, its online release isn’t in jeopardy. In fact, it’s kind of perfect timing, as that assures it will attract more attention to Netflix’s push to increase content out of its Paris office. Maybe people who usually don’t go for French language films will take a chance on it, and hey, action is a pretty universal language.

And this isn’t some trifle test. Leclercq has lots of action movies under his belt, including The Assault and The Bouncer. He’s also worked with his lead, Sami Bouajila, before, so this kind of looks like an easy home run for all involved.

Earth and Blood is directed by Julien Leclercq and stars Sami Bouajila, Sofia Lesaffre, and Samy Seghir. It will be released on Netflix worldwide on April 17th, 2020.

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