MixKnowledgy: A New Networking Platform For Filmmakers

MixKnowledgy is the brainchild of two up-and-coming entrepreneurs, Erman Baradi and Brandon Waites.

Erman Baradi, born and raised in Virgina Beach, is an aspiring screenwriter and multi-tasker breaking into Hollywood from the East Coast. He launched the Rel/Event Series in 2015 which featured panels of established speakers in the entertainment industry, primarily in film and television.

Brandon Waites, a New Mexico native now living in Arizona, served four years in the U.S. Air Force and earned his B.S. in Business Management, while he’s currently attending Regent University where he’s pursuing a Master in Fine Arts with an emphasis on Producing.

The two met when Waites volunteered to help with the Rel/Event Series. A friendship sparked between the two when they found they had a lot in common, including that they knew several of the same people and even attended the same college.

MixKnowledgy: A New Networking Platform For Filmmakers
Erman Baradi of MixKnowledgy and Rel/Event

When Baradi decided to part ways with the Rel/Event Series and decided to expand the concept, doing something a little different this time, Waites and Baradi put their heads together and came up with MixKnowledgy.

What is MixKnowledgy?

MixKnowledgy is a multi-platform networking event series for aspiring and emerging filmmakers to connect with established professionals in the industry. This platform exists in the form of live events where panels are set up. Three live events are coming up and they will be in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Gotham co-executive producers Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt will be featured at the upcoming Los Angeles event. Cinematographer Alex Disenhof of the upcoming Fox series, The Exorcist will be at the event in Chicago.

And in New York City one lucky attendant will win a lunch with producer Stuart Cornfeld (known for Tropic Thunder, Zoolander, Dodgeball, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and more). Each event will feature a slew of industry moguls, contests and networking opportunities.

MixKnowledgy: A New Networking Platform For Filmmakers
Brandon Waites (right) with Bad Robot COO Tommy Harper

MixKnowledgy differs from the Rel/Event Series in that it’s not only set up for live events in specific cities but they are widening their platforms to include digital reach. One of the key elements added to MixKnowledy’s platform is their Interview Series.

The Interview Series

Their Interview Series gives you an opportunity to call into a conference line and be part of an exclusive interview with industry moguls and if you miss the call, you can find a recording of it on the MixKnowledgy YouTube channel.

So far, their interview series has included Empire co-producer/writer Eric Haywoodwriter, producer & director of The Taking of Deborah Logan and the upcoming Insidious 4, Adam Robitel and acclaimed singer/songwriter/producer Rico Love whose credits include Beyonce‘s “Sweet Dreams,” Nelly‘s “Just A Dream,” and Usher‘s “Hey Daddy,” to name a few.

They are constantly coming up with new ways to interact with their audience and bring new ways for filmmakers to connect to each other and the industry, bringing Hollywood to you when you can’t bring yourself to Hollywood.

Why MixKnowledgy?

Baradi and Waites wanted to discover other ways of breaking into the industry. Emerging talent and aspiring artists should consider attending these events because the objective is to spotlight industry professionals, giving them a platform to discuss their challenges and successes as well as mingle with those in attendance, creating great networking opportunities.

MixKnowledgy: A New Networking Platform For Filmmakers
MixKnowledgy promo poster for a past event

Baradi knows that entertainment can be hard to break into and Hollywood is a tough town. He wants others to be inspired by his own persistence because persistence pays off. “In 2012, I had $15 to my name and had no luck finding local jobs. That week, I spent everyday sending out what felt like hundreds of emails until two Hollywood companies finally offered me an internship,” he shares.

Upcoming Events

The three next upcoming events will be held in New York City on August 12th, in Chicago on August 27th and the final stop is in Los Angeles on September 10th.

Tickets are available for all three events. For more information about the events, follow MixKnowledgy on Facebook or Twitter!

If you’re in the film industry, do you go to industry events like these? Would you be interested in attending any of the MixKnowledgy events? Share your thoughts below!

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