New York City is a discordant place. People with different backgrounds and values build lives on top of each other, creating a diaspora of the world that never quite feels settled. I suppose a settled feeling would go against its treasured idea of endless opportunity, where you can indulge, reinvent, and achieve your dreams.

Pentimento is a film that feels very much of New York, bringing together characters and tones that wouldn’t make sense anywhere else. Quirky comedy and chilling immigration issues press against characters driven by romance and artistic dreams, making for a trailer that seems hard to put your finger on at first glance. Perhaps that’s a wink to its title, and the layers of the film will come together in the final product.


What’s clear about Pentimento is that it has ambition, which is always an encouraging sign from a trailer. Too many films are cookie-cutter in their ideas, but in this case, writer/director Loredana Gasparotto has drawn from her own eclectic experiences as an immigrant to create a film that doesn’t fit in any one box. With all those ideas floating around, Pentimento stands as proof that low-budget filmmaking doesn’t have to be small.

Pentimento is directed by Loredana Gasparotto and stars Laura Pellegrini and Trevor Swann.

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