#ShortFilmADay Challenge Day 1: SPLIT COSTS

Do you ever feel like you want to watch more short films, but never really know where to start, which shorts to watch, or where to find them? Or, instead, you do occasionally watch short films, but feel you should watch more? Then this is the perfect little challenge for you!

There are so many amazing shorts out there, and they are of great importance to the indie community, and filmmakers who are just starting out. No filmmaker ever starts with a feature film, almost all of them start with shorts – there is so much new talent to discover!

Running from anywhere between one second and 40 minutes, watching a short film barely requires any time commitment at all. You can watch a short film during breakfast or lunch, or even just during a short break from work or school, or just before you head to bed.


And that’s what we’re going to do, watch a short film every day, over the next 30 days, during the month of September! We will post an article to promote a short film every day, to make finding shorts easier. You can watch any short you want though. If you watch a different short, let us know which one you watched – we’ll be tweeting during all of September about short films, so make sure to use the #ShortFilmADay hashtag!

We hope you’ll join us on this little challenge, and if you know of any short films (or have made a short film) that we should promote during this month, please get in touch!

#ShortFilmADay Day 1: Split Costs – a Film Inquiry Exclusive!

For the very first day of #ShortFilmADay, we’re starting off with something extremely exciting! Film Inquiry has the exclusive online premiere of Jeffrey Palmer’s terrific short film, Split Costs. We are overjoyed to share this film with you! Over the course of September Film Inquiry is the only place where you will be able to watch Split Costs.

The password to unlock the film is FF2016splitCosts

Paste it into the vimeo embed below and you can play the short.

Two young women from disparate backgrounds share a ride to western Massachusetts where traumatic setbacks force each to make pivotal decisions at an unforeseen crossroads.

Director: Jeffrey Palmer
Writer: Jeffrey Palmer
Stars: Mela Hudson, Jane Harte, Tori Hall

Runtime: 24 minutes

Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts about the film, on Twitter (use #ShortFilmADay!) or in the comments below! You can find Split Costs and the filmmakers on Twitter and I know they’ll appreciate a word if you enjoyed the film: @SplitCosts, @JBPixel @ItsMelaHudson @ttttori234.

We also published our review of Split Costs earlier this week, which you can find here.

Will you be joining us for the #ShortFilmADay challenge? Pledge that you will watch 30 short films over the course of September in the comments section below or on Twitter!

If you’re only finding out about this challenge after September 1, 2016, it’s never too late to still watch a short film every day!

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