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The tradition of fraternity hazing is well-known in America, with rush week on campus being synonymous with strange antics and the occasionally harried classmate. The dark side isn’t hidden, either, which 24-hour news companies jump on to fill time. Annual reports of dangerous stunts and the occasional injury or death are treated with a somber tone, questioning why collegiate-level young men take part in such ridiculous antics.

Goat looks to answer that very question, delving into the social bubble that develops in a frat and leads to extreme behavior. At the center of the drama is two brothers, one a member and the other a pledge, giving the film an excellent opportunity to juxtapose more traditional relationships against the ones that form in this insular world.

Goat Trailer
source: Paramount Pictures

The film is drawing attention both for its extreme depiction of hazing and the presence of a Jonas brother (Nick, to be exact), but only the former really deserves much time. That’s not a slight against Jonas, just an observation that he should be treated as a burgeoning actor and nothing more.

As the trailer clearly shows, the hazing in this film will be harsh and nasty. The marketing for the film seems to be wearing this as a badge of honor, while it remains unclear where the film’s judgement will land on the Greek tradition as a whole. The film is based on a memoir by Brad Land, who must have had high hopes for the lifestyle since he sought it out. Whether the experience shown in this film completely changed his opinion or left him somewhere in a moral quagmire is the hanging question.

Goat is directed by Andrew Neel and stars Ben Schnetzer and Nick Jonas. It will be released in the U.S. on September 23rd, 2016. Further release dates are not currently known.

Do you think Goat will be as vicious as advertised? Let us know in the comments!

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