With its small scale stated in the title, Certain Women looks like a traditional Kelly Reichardt film. Intimate and low-key, her movies rarely stretch to include more than a handful of characters leading small lives. This minimalist style tests the patience of some viewers, while others find the delicately observed moments riveting. Whatever your opinion is on Reichardt’s films, I’m doubtful that Certain Women will do anything to change it.

The film is based on short stories by Maile Meloy, which Reichardt will need to combine into a cohesive narrative. What that format does give the film is an unusually large and flashy cast, with Reichardt’s frequent collaborator Michelle Williams being joined by Kristen Stewart and Laura Dern. That should translate into her biggest box office return yet, which is currently Wendy and Lucy at just under $1.2 million worldwide.

source: IFC Films

While Reichardt will likely never break out of the niche market unless she changes her style, Certain Women does see the departure of frequent writing partner Jonathan Raymond. He wrote or co-wrote all but her first feature, and while this doesn’t seem to have caused a massive change in Certain Women, perhaps it will lead to a more significant deviation down the line. Reichardt has long been a quiet auteur in American cinema. Whether by incorporating bigger names or by making her films a bit more eventful, it would be nice to see her reputation get a bit louder.

Certain Women is directed by Kelly Reichardt and stars Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams, and Laura Dern. It will be released in the U.S. on October 14th, 2016. Further release dates are not currently known.

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