Announcing The Film Inquiry Youtube Channel, And More Exciting News!

Well, this officially marks the first time I’m plastering my moving face over the web. I’m both scared and excited at once!  Scarecited!

In this video I am personally telling you about some very exciting news: we’re starting a Film Inquiry Youtube channel! Whaaat? Get outta here!

No, it’s true! After the holidays, when we’re well and truly in 2017, the Film Inquiry Youtube channel is going to be active regularly. You may have noticed we’ve already been uploading trailers to the channel for our trailer discussions here on the site. At first, it will just be me with reviews and film news wrap-ups, but I’m sure our frequent contributors will start contributing to the channel, as well – but all that and more in 2017.

Make sure to subscribe to the channel if you want to follow us (I’m sure you do!) Also, let us know what else you would like to see on our channel.

Film Inquiry is now a Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer-approved publication!

Then there’s this bit of extremely exciting news, that you may have already seen on our social media accounts, but I haven’t had chance to announce it “officially” on the site, as well!

I’m extremely excited and proud to say that Rotten Tomatoes deemed us worthy of being a “tomatometer-approved publication“, which means we are now counted among the likes of ScreenRant, Slate, Empire, Variety, Total Film, the biggest newspapers, and, of course, It’s… mind-bogglingly awesome.

Practically, this means that we can now submit all of our reviews to Rotten Tomatoes, and that our ratings will count towards the “tomatometer”. Film Inquiry now too influences whether or not a film is certified fresh, or rotten. And so far, it’s already proved to be pretty interesting, since we’ve reviewed a lot of smaller and independent films that don’t get hundreds of critics to rate them, sometimes not even a handful.

Announcing The Film Inquiry Youtube Channel, And More Exciting News!

You can find our listing here, as well as all of our reviews and registered critics. Our backlog of reviews and critics are added manually, so it may not be complete yet. But it will be, at some point!

I’m honestly so pleased and happy that we have been accepted as a certified source on Rotten Tomatoes – I’m incredibly proud of my team and their hard work! 2017 is going to be brilliant.

Let me know what else you would like to see from us on Film Inquiry – on the channel or on the website – in 2017.

In regards to the video: what is most important about film, to you?

It’s not long until the holidays now – we have an adapted publishing schedule coming up which I’ll post about next week, so keep an eye out for that!

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