Prometheus may have been a stumbling relaunch for the Alien franchise, but it was successful enough to earn a sequel. In fact, director Ridley Scott has plans for three more films, kicking off the trilogy with Alien: Covenant.

If all goes well, then we’ll see the lead up to the 1979 original, as Scott hopes to explore the alien’s origins.  That likely means an increased focus on the gruesome xenomorphs and the butchering of the human and robot characters. In other words, don’t get too attached.

Then again, Ripley made it through quite a few films, and the Alien series does like its hallmarks. Body horror, strong female leads, and not-so-subtle sexual innuendos can be found in most of the films, and there’s plenty of that stuff in the trailer for Covenant. Perhaps one or two of the new characters will make it, but given the series’ history, I wouldn’t put your money on anyone with a Y chromosome.

source: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Scott will have to earn back trust after the silly flaws of Prometheus (seriously, why does a scientist touch the alien?), but few series get into such deliciously graphic nastiness. A good Alien movie, particularly one with the varied, impressive cast of Covenant, will rile up fans for the rest of Scott’s trilogy. There’s just something about rending bodies that audiences love.

Alien: Covenant is directed by Ridley Scott and stars Katherine Waterston, Michael Fassbender, and Billy Crudup. It will be released in the U.S. and the U.K. on May 19th, 2017. For international release dates, click here.

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