RINGS Trailer

You think it’d be easy not to watch a video that kills people, but the American Ring franchise has gotten a third film out of the ludicrous premise. If you want to get fancy, you could claim that this movie, set in the present day, takes advantage of the viral video phenomenon that the early films foresaw, settling whether the J-horror ghost disappeared with her VHS counterpart.

She didn’t, apparently, and neither has this much delayed sequel. Coming twelve years after The Ring Two and almost two years after production, Rings looks like it will finally get released this February, and there should be enough fans of the original creeper to turn this into a minor hit. After all, The Ring (a remake of Ringu) kicked off a potent J-horror trend in the early 2000s.

RINGS Trailer
source: Paramount Pictures

While that has since given way to other subgenres, The Ring is still remembered as an effective teen-friendly horror movie. Rings promises to keep the gore low, allowing a new crop of young horror fans to discover why people freak out over long-haired, pale little girls.

Rings is directed by F. Javier Gutiérrez and stars Matilda Lutz, Alex Roe, and Vincent D’Onofrio. It will be released in the U.S and the U.K on February 3rd, 2017. For international release dates, click here.

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