There’s something in the sky in The Vast of Night, the debut of director Andrew Patterson.

It begins as a strange noise, an interruption of a small-town radio broadcast in the 1950s that brings a DJ and a switchboard operator together to investigate. Finding nothing amiss with their equipment, they begin pondering more bizarre possibilities, particularly as the strange occurrences stack up. Their chase for answers spins further and further out of control as the night wears on, leading them to an out of this world explanation.

source: Amazon Studios

A period alien movie is quite a flashy debut for Patterson, although this seems to be leaning more on character and mood than flashy effects. That puts a lot of pressure on leads Sierra McCormick and Jake Horowitz as well, who both have a smattering of supporting roles but nothing big to hang their hats on.

And yet this trailer has a look that pops, a certain slick, tailored feel that sucks you in. Further investigation reveals some glowing reviews out of its festival run, which included such high profile stops as Slamdance, Toronto, Chicago, and Fantastic Fest. It makes me think that it’s one to watch for if you’re looking for discoveries, or even just a pleasant surprise after its eventual Amazon Prime release.

The Vast of Night is directed by Andrew Patterson and stars Sierra McCormick and Jake Horowitz. It will be released in the US theatrically in May and begin streaming on Amazon Prime in June. Further release dates are not currently known.

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