THE CLONE WARS (S7E6+7): Familiar Faces & Masks

I’ll admit, I felt myself getting frustrated at times with The Mandalorian. I spoke in a previous review about how the structure took some getting used to. How it was intensely episodic, showing us Mando as he completed short missions and then ending the episodes. I felt the creeping sensation of tediousness at this structure, mostly because I’m impatient and I wanted answers about Baby Yoda.

I was worried, briefly, if I would feel the same way about this new season of Clone Wars. While the trailers clearly promised us battles with old and new enemies, we haven’t seen much of that yet. We haven’t seen Darth Maul or Count Dooku or any of our favorite villains yet. But these past two episodes tamed my fears, in two ways. First, they gave me a moment that we’ll talk about later, a beautifully short but powerful moment. And second, the show has proved that they’re working toward something bigger than the Clone Wars, and I can’t wait to see how they pull it off. Let’s dig into that beautiful moment first.

So Close Yet So Far

Ahsoka is still hanging with the Martez sisters, Trace and Rafa, and Rafa has a new job for the three of them. When Ahsoka learns that the job entails running spices for the notorious Pikes, she and Rafa argue, causing Trace to dump the spice in the infinity of space. When they arrive at the Pike’s, the trio is detained. They attempt to escape but are ultimately captured, and we are left wondering what exactly will happen next. It’s a great couple of episodes with small reveals containing big implications and high octane action that will have you on the edge of your seat.

THE CLONE WARS (S7E6+7) "Deal No Deal" & "Dangerous Debt" Familiar Faces And Masks
source: Disney+

When the trio is first leaving Coruscant, they pass a republic ship that orders them to clear the area, as it is for republic cruisers only. They ultimately refuse, and Ahsoka urges Trace to fly past them quickly. We cut to onboard the republic ship and see Anakin. The scene flashes between Ahsoka and Anakin, a visual cue we are trained to understand means that they feel each other’s presence. It’s the same technique used when Vader feels Luke, and Kylo feels Leia. It’s a heart-wrenching moment for fans of Ahsoka and Anakin’s friendship. They’re merely ships away from each other. Anakin allows them to pass, and we know that he is looking out for his former padawan.

Ahsoka and Anakin will surely meet again, but this exchange was a really brave move by the writers. Sure, Anakin could have stopped Ahsoka and we could have finally seen their reunion, but it makes us that much more hungry for when they finally do reconnect. It also is a simple way to show that Anakin still loves his former student. We know his feelings without them having to say anything.

This Is The Way

And then there’s the moment that nearly made me leap out of my seat. As Ahsoka and company attempt to escape the custody of the Pikes, we see a figure watching her. When the figure turns, we see that they are wearing a familiar mask. A Mandalorian mask, to be exact! This episode aired merely weeks after it was announced that Rosario Dawson would be bringing Ahsoka to life in season 2 of The Mandalorian. So it’s no coincidence that the now infamous helmet should show up in an Ahsoka-centric episode.

THE CLONE WARS (S7E6+7) "Deal No Deal" & "Dangerous Debt" Familiar Faces And Masks
source: Disney+

The credits reveal that this mask belongs to none other than Bo-Katan, a Mandalorian whom Ahsoka encountered in season 4 of The Clone Wars on the planet Carlac. She even goes so far as to say so, and remarks that Ahsoka and she have a “common enemy”. This snippet of a scene not only sets up the return of Darth Maul, who spent a good amount of time on Mandalor in past episodes but sets up Ahsoka’s entrance to The Mandalorian.

This is a great move by the folks over at Disney. When I heard that Ahsoka was going to be in The Mandalorian, I was excited but hesitant. I didn’t want her shoe-horned into the show, I wanted her to have a purpose. But the fact that they’re setting her up now means that this announcement wasn’t just for shock value or to grab another fanbase. They have a plan and they’re going to let it unfold in front of us. Disney is brilliantly setting up two shows for the price of one and is creating the kind of connective thread that made the MCU films so successful. I don’t know where this is going, but I am all in.

What did you think of these episodes? How will Ahsoka factor into The Mandalorian? Are you already squealing at the image of her holding Baby Yoda? I sure am. Let me know in the comments below!

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