Netflix has a new rom-com to ease our woes in Love Wedding Repeat, the directorial debut of Dean Craig.

As the brother of the bride, Jack has one job: ensure everything goes smoothly. It’s a job with lots of tasks that quickly overwhelm the poor guy. A troublesome guest must be wrangled (or sedated), an ex must be avoided, a lost flame reconnected with (hey, he’s got his needs, too). Each one could spin wildly out of control, and with all of them stacked on top of each other, they almost surely will…or maybe not? This trailer weirdly hides a major plot point that the logline on Netflix gives away, so I’m going to keep it a secret like the trailer does.

source: Netflix

While Craig may be new to directing, he’s an old hat at family event comedies, having written both versions of Death at a Funeral. He writes the script here as well, which itself is an adaptation of the French film Plan de Table. Like so many rom-coms before it, this has a large cast of recognizable if not quite famous faces, with Sam Claflin starring as the incredibly busy brother and the likes of Olivia Munn and Freida Pinto appearing.

This promises to be a big, cheery dose of silliness, the kind of movie Netflix has essentially controlled for the last several years. With everyone stuck at home, this might be its biggest one yet.

Love Wedding Repeat is directed by Dean Craig and stars Sam Claflin, Olivia Munn, and Freida Pinto. It will be released on Netflix worldwide on April 10th, 2020.

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