CAPONE Trailer

A gangster can’t grow old peacefully in Capone, the latest from writer/director Josh Trank.

When you think of Al Capone, you probably imagine him as a man in control. In control of his life, in control of his business, in control of the city of Chicago. He ran one of the biggest gangs in the US during the prohibition era, but his legend seems to end as soon as he was incarcerated for tax evasion. This film picks up after he got out, but by then Capone was a shell of his former self. He was just a syphilitic man whiling away his time at a palatial estate, but he had made too many enemies to go out that quietly.

CAPONE Trailer
source: Vertical Entertainment

The biopic looks to be a comeback for Trank, who lost most of his industry capital after taking the brunt of the Fantastic Four (2015) failure. No one came out of that looking good, but hopefully downsizing will get him back to the promise of his debut, Chronicle.

Trank’s name may be sullied, but Capone can hang its hat on its lead, Tom Hardy. He’s done almost everything an actor can do, but seeing him take on one of the most notorious figures in American history is still a tantalizing treat. Co-starring with him is Linda Cardellini, Jack Lowden, and Noel Fisher. A VOD release may not have been what Trank wanted for his (hopefully) triumphant return, but it does leave Capone as one of the biggest new releases of the foreseeable future.

Capone is directed by Josh Trank and stars Tom Hardy, Linda Cardellini, and Jack Lowden. It will be released in the US on VOD on May 12th, 2020. Further release dates are not currently known.

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