A romance from the wrong side of the tracks gets a musical redo in Valley Girl, the feature debut of director Rachel Lee Goldenberg.

Perhaps you remember the 1980s original? The one where a girl from the San Fernando valley falls for a punk rock guy from Hollywood? That was enough to be a scandal, and the film’s riff on “impossible” love and its killer soundtrack cemented a place in many fans’ minds. This new version keeps the original setting and premise but makes it into a full-blown musical, upping the ante for this tale as old as time.

source: Orion Classics

Taking on such beloved material is always a risk, and Goldenberg will have to be careful not to alienate preexisting fans while also luring in new ones. She’s done a hell of a lot of TV work that runs the genre gamut, so hopefully she can use all that experience to pull off this complicated project.

This is also an exciting opportunity for Jessica Rothe to stretch her legs. She’s won over a lot of people as the lead in the Happy Death Day franchise, but major success outside of that has eluded her. As the titular valley girl, she should get plenty of time to show off what she can do. Her bad boy love interest is played by the much greener Josh Whitehouse, who takes over from a very young Nicolas Cage.

Fans will know that this has been sitting on the shelf for a couple of years, as co-star Logan Paul’s meltdown caused its 2018 release to be delayed. It’s finally getting a quiet VOD launch, but in the current landscape, that makes it one of the biggest releases.

Valley Girl is directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg and stars Jessica Rothe, Josh Whitehouse, and Alicia Silverstone. It will be released in the US on VOD on May 8th, 2020. For further release dates, click here.

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