Film Inquiry’s Seed&Spark Campaign Picks Of May 13, 2020

In this all-new monthly column, Film Inquiry will feature some crowdfunding campaign picks from our friends at Seed&Spark. This week’s picks touch on a wide variety of cinematic treats; some are comedic, some are serious, but all are worth your time.

Garden of the Gods

Film Inquiry's Seed & Spark Campaign Picks Of May 13, 2020
Garden of the Gods (2020) – source: Katie Boyer

In Garden of the Gods, director Kyle Sullivan works off a script co-written with Katie Boyer in a nuanced take on Edgar Allen Poe’s short story “The Cask of Amontillado” with a Latinx character in the lead. Marley Gregory notes his character Mike was intriguing because of the “complexity of his madness.” After Felix goes too far, Mike starts to enact his revenge in this modern twist on a horror favorite.

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Film Inquiry's Seed & Spark Campaign Picks Of May 13, 2020
Swoontown (2020) – source: Shaina Woolley

Shaina Rose Woolley’s Swoontown goes for a lighter approach that ventures beyond queer tropes in this short featuring representation of non-binary trans people in a comedic romantic adventure with a 1950s aesthetic. Woolley notes that most queer representation cinema deals with tragedy and Swoontown is looking for something different: “We deserve so much more than heartache when it comes to seeing ourselves on screen.”

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The Widows Club

Film Inquiry's Seed & Spark Crowdfunding Picks: Queer, Latinx & Asian-American Projects
The Widows Club (2020) – source: Crystal Avila Floeder

The Widows Club from Crystal Avila Floeder is a documentary showing how Mexican widows transform their lives for the better with a monthly support lunch at a Mexican restaurant in the Chicagoland area. Some of their “Ten Commandments to live in Happily in Your Old Age” they strive to follow include do your hair and makeup, keep your friendships alive, and don’t think that everything that happened in the past was better than your present.

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Analysis Paralysis

Film Inquiry's Seed & Spark Campaign Picks Of May 13, 2020
Analysis Paralysis (2020) – source: Van Doan

Van Doan’s Analysis Paralysis is a new series on YouTube wrapping up its 1st Season on YouTube based on her real-life experiences living and attending college at Brooklyn College in New York City featuring an Asian-American female filmmaker and an Asian-American male lead. It all started with a short story Doan wrote based on a Vespa by her old apartment: “Ever since I moved in, I’ve never seen the bike move from its spot. So I wrote a short story about this incident with a bit of exaggeration.”

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Film Inquiry's Seed & Spark Campaign Picks Of May 13, 2020
Daughter (2020) – source: Corey Deshon

Daughter goes for some good old-fashioned surrealist absurdist drama through a gender-bending lens inspired by Dogtooth and 10 Cloverfield Lane. Written and directed by Corey Deshon, it features a primarily Vietnamese cast and a Black male director. Actor/Producer Vivien Ngô felt its screenplay was important to its Vietnamese American cast because “it did not use the Vietnam War to wholly define us.”

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Guerrilla: A Visual Album

Film Inquiry's Seed & Spark Campaign Picks Of May 13, 2020
Guerrilla: A Visual Album (2020) – source: GianCarlo Lobo

Guerrilla: A Visual Album features half a dozen original songs from up and coming musical artists from across the country. GianCarlo Lobo writes and directs this thoughtful, honest look at the different stages of Marco’s life. Lobo stresses that its title refers to the “nontraditional, unorthodox, and independent process of making this story.”

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