A father and son decide what they mean to each other in End of Sentence, the feature debut of director Elfar Adalsteins.

Sean wasn’t planning to spend time with his dad. He’d just got out of prison and was looking for some fun, but he couldn’t ignore his mother’s dying request. She asked that the two of them scatter her ashes at a lake in Ireland, so off they go for one last trip. Or at least Sean thinks it’s one last trip, but the bond between father and son isn’t that easy to shake.

source: Gravitas Ventures

A road movie should be a comfortable genre for Adalsteins to get his feet wet, what with the plethora of predecessors to pull from. He made a couple of successful shorts before taking the feature plunge, but it doesn’t look like he’s reaching too far outside the cinema comfort zone here.

What makes End of Sentence stand out is its father/son pairing, with the great John Hawkes and rising Logan Lerman headlining the film. Both can do a hell of a lot with even decent material, so it seems likely that this will be worth your time for them alone.

End of Sentence is directed by Elfar Adalsteins and stars John HawkesLogan Lerman, and Sarah Bolger. It will be released in the US on VOD on May 29th, 2020. Further release dates are not currently known.

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