The Showgirls re-evaluation gets the documentary treatment in You Don’t Nomi, the feature debut of director Jeffrey McHale.

Perhaps you’ve seen Showgirls. Perhaps you were there for its catastrophic release. Perhaps you’ve only encountered its legacy. No matter what, it’s hard to be a film fan and not know about it, from its gratuitous (and pretty ridiculous) sex scenes, its fatal launch of a TV star into movies, and its absolutely atrocious reception. The film is infamous, and like so many movies that just won’t die, a reconsideration has been afoot for many years now. You Don’t Nomi seeks to trace its rise, fall, and resurrection among fans and critics alike.

source: RLJE Films

There’s a lot of history to cover since the film released nearly 25 years ago, including the multiple ways people have tried to reframe it, from the so-bad-it’s-good fans to those looking at it in relation to the often distasteful work of its director, Paul Verhoeven. It’s a lot of ground for McHale to cover, and one wonders if such a green filmmaker can cover it all adequately.

The good news is that it got strong reviews out of its festival run, and those would be coming from people who know that history well. So, no matter the side of the Showgirls fence you’re on, this at least looks to be an intriguing deep dive into the divisive film.

You Don’t Nomi is directed by Jeffrey McHale. It is getting a digital release on June 9th, 2020 in the US. Further release dates are not currently known.

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