A young lady tries not to get lost in the music in Viena and the Fantomes, the latest from writer/director Gerardo Naranjo.

Viena was mostly wandering through life, so when the opportunity presented itself to join the road team of a punk band, she took it. They aren’t the biggest group. In fact, they’re struggling to make ends meet, but that doesn’t slow down the party. Soon Viena finds herself getting close to one of the band members, and as she sees more and more of the madness that’s really going on, she starts to question whether it’s the place for her.

source: Universal Pictures

This road drama treads on plenty of familiar territories, but Naranjo has a knack for elevating the familiar. He’s best known for making the original Miss Bala, which took a cross-country crime plot all the way to the Cannes Film Festival.

He hasn’t worked on English-language productions much before, but that clout means he was still able to attract a strong cast. The resurging Dakota Fanning stars as the wayward Viena while her love interest is played by Shameless star Jeremy Allen White. Caleb Landry Jones, Evan Rachel Wood, Zoe Kravitz, Jon Bernthal, and Frank Dillane also appear.

This is one of those smaller films that may actually benefit from everyone being at home, as the recognizable cast is almost sure to get people to take a chance on it. Hopefully, it ends up worth everyone’s time.

Viena and the Fantomes is directed by Gerardo Naranjo and stars Dakota Fanning, Jeremy Allen White, and Jon Bernthal. It will be released in the US on VOD on June 30th, 2020. Further release dates are not currently known.

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