DEAR… Season One: The Timely And Relevant Series We Need Now

Hope and inspiration are the elements of life that can push us through our darkest days and drive home the hardest successes. Behind hope and inspiration is a story, not only of ours but many times of those who have influenced our choices and perseverance. While seemingly behind the scenes, many do not know the impact they have truly made until they are given the chance to see the torches they have lit. In a year where the world seems bleaker and darker, we need these lights in the dark, encompassing hope and inspiring others. We need to see that the fire still burns, not only in those who inspire but in all of us. And Dear… could not have come at a better time.

DEAR... Season One: The Timely and Relevant Series We Need Now
source: AppleTV

Consisting of 10 episodes, Dear… looks into the lives of 10 inspirational individuals and the flames they have ignited. Spike Lee, Jane Goodall, Aly Raisman, Oprah Winfrey, and more each relay the stories of their lives – the successes, the failures, the fear, and the hope. Yet, it is not just the celebrity stories that drive this home-run series, but the stories of those who found inspiration and strength within them. In a moment to shine the spotlight on those that have been inspired, they become inspiration themselves, becoming their own flames in a world of darkness. Through their stories, viewers will see that hope never dies and we never truly pass on a torch – instead, we continue to ignite.


High production and visually encompassing Dear… itself has the ability to affect change. Personally inspired, I felt a desire and a passion to charge into the projects I had lacked confidence in, to embrace the hard work of making my dreams and wishes come to fruition. And I can say with complete confidence, viewers will feel the same effect with each installment. Not only do the stories reach deep crevices of emotion, but viewers are also submerged in the words spoken, cursive lettering filling the background, surrounding each speaker.

DEAR... Season One: The Timely and Relevant Series We Need Now
source: AppleTV

But not only is the set design impactful, but the editing and design of the story also deliver a solid and compact punch, almost every episode contained in just 30 minutes or less. Video and photographs heighten the stories of Lee, Winfrey, Copeland, and more as they deliver their stories to the audience, the individuals they have inspired subtly walking through loosely reacted environments that heighten theirs.

Courage to see yourself and know you are not alone

The premise of each episode follows a similar formula. Relay story, interject “Dear” letters throughout, conclude. On the surface, viewers may initially see a self-glorifying reenactment justifying the countless accolades these individuals have acquired. Yet, Dear… manages to transcend this interpretation, elevating beyond the person speaking. This is not a series about Goodall, Big Bird or Lin-Manuel Miranda, but rather the power of self-recognition. Each of the individuals chosen for this series has something they represent, something they have strived to make known and to make an impact.

As each continues to have the courage to share their stories, others whom they may never meet have the opportunities to see themselves – to know they are not alone. Gloria Steinem talks of realizing she was not the only woman who had had an abortion, that speaking out not only brought peace to herself knowing that she was not alone, it provided the same conforms for others. Oprah Winfrey found strength as she listened to the women on her talk show revealing the sexual abuse they endured at a young age, an experience she now felt that she could share herself. She was no longer alone. She was not the only person who had experienced it.

DEAR... Season One: The Timely and Relevant Series We Need Now
source: AppleTV

Through the revelation that we are not alone, we can find the courage to tell our own story, to push forward to achieve the dreams we thought were unachievable. When diversity is lacking in an entertainment industry meant to imitate life, Spike Lee and Lin-Manuel Miranda injected that diversity, giving layers and opportunities to stories that may never have been heard or understood otherwise. Through their dedication and devotion to self and story, they have given individuals the chance to not only see themselves but to be catalysts of change.

Conclusion: Dear…

Dear… gives viewers a visual and auditory display of the power instilled in others when they know they are not alone. Hiding secrets within ourselves, the innate eco-centric nature of humanity believes we are the only ones experiencing these horrors, that we are alone. But through the courage and resilience of others, we can see, hear, and know that we are far from alone. And more importantly, that we can be the same inspiration to those around us.

While much of Dear…  revolves around stories of the past that have shaped the futures of others, episode after episode, audiences will find this is more relevant than they could have ever imagined. On the heels of #Metoo, and as 2020 has brought into sharp focus the turmoils of the world and a nation, now more than ever we need a series that reminds us of the power of hope and inspiration. That by sharing our stories, we find not only others like ourselves, but deliver the courage another may need to succeed.

Have you seen Dear? What is your favorite Dear… story? Let us know in the comments below!

Dear… is currently streaming on AppleTV.

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