A boy learns all the wrong lessons in Run with the Hunted, the latest from writer/director John Swab.

Oscar started out with the right intentions. He saw that his friend was being abused by her father, but while trying to protect her he ended up killing her dad. This forced Oscar to go on the run, where he fell in with a gang of young criminals. Now as an adult he’s leading his own group of lost kids, training them in the only life he remembers. Oscar’s past is about to catch up to him, though, when his childhood friend comes looking for him.

source: Vertical Entertainment

This is a gritty little crime thriller, one that seems to be a stepping stone for Swab. He previously co-wrote and co-directed another kids-killing-abusive-parents movie, 2016’s Let Me Make You a Martyr, and he’s already got two more crime movies in the works. Hopefully, all that investment means he knows what he’s doing, in which case Run with the Hunted might be a genre gem.

He’s leaning on a mix of previous collaborators and new faces in front of the camera, putting Michael Pitt at the forefront as adult Oscar while bringing back Mark Boone Junior and Sam Quartin from Martyr for key roles.

This has the feel of a movie from a filmmaker on the verge of breaking out. So, if you’re all in on crime films, you might want to check out this up-and-comer.

Run with the Hunted is directed by John Swab and stars Michael Pitt, Sam Quartin, and Ron Perlman. It will be released online in the UK on June 19th, 2020, and in the US on June 26th, 2020. Further release dates are not currently known.

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