Brining is more powerful than you think in An American Pickle, the latest from director Brandon Trost.

Herschel was a man of simple dreams. He and his wife just wanted to live comfortably in America, and they were on their way when Herschel’s job messed everything up. While working in a pickle factory he accidentally fell in a vat of brine, preserving him for 100 years. Waking up in the modern-day, he’s completely adrift, and his only lifeline is his equally mixed up great-grandson.

source: HBO Max

It’s definitely not a story you hear every day, but the absurdity is exactly what you’d expect from the team behind American Pickle. Writer Simon Rich has been coming up with weird stuff for a long time as a writer for SNL while director Brandon Trost is a popular cinematographer in today’s comedy world (he shot The Disaster Artist, Popstar, and the Neighbors series to name a few). The move to directing is relatively new, though, as he only has one previous feature co-directing credit for the action-comedy The FP.

At least he’s got a familiar star to work with in Seth Rogan, who actually plays both Herschel and his great-grandson, Ben. So hey, if you like the comedy stylings of Rogan, this is the perfect chance to get your fill.

An American Pickle is directed by Brandon Trost and stars Seth Rogan, Sarah Snook, and Jorma Taccone. It will be released on HBO Max in the US on August 6th, 2020. Further release dates are not currently known.

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