The tables are turned in The Tax Collector, the latest from writer/director David Ayer.

David and Creeper are used to dishing out the pain. Their job involves terrorizing gang members to ensure they pay their dues to the man in charge, and while this requires them to act tough, they also know they are shielded from harm thanks to the frightening man they work for. It’s only when that protection disappears that their lives get really precarious, with indiscriminate violence raining down as a rival tries to overthrow their boss.

source: RLJE Films

The crime thriller looks to be a return to Ayer’s roots, a much-needed change of pace after the disappointments of Suicide Squad and Bright. Two guys making their way through mean streets? That’s far more like the success Ayer had with movies like End of Watch and Fury than the big-budget monstrosities that got away from him.

He even brings back one of his old players in Shia LaBeouf, who stars as the oddly named Creeper and was previously in Fury. His partner is played by Bobby Soto, who’s much less known than his co-star but seems to be the true lead in the film. They’ll need to be the emotional core of this gunfight, which if Ayer truly is returning to form, could have some surprising depth to match its thrills.

The Tax Collector is directed by David Ayer and stars Shia LaBeouf, Bobby Soto, and Lana Parrilla. It is currently scheduled to be released theatrically in the US on August 7th, 2020. Stay up to date with shifting release dates here.

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