Flixboss Helps You Figure Out What To Watch Next On Netflix

A lot has already been said about the Netflix algorithm and its… odd suggestions. You may be watching The Old Guard and right when the credits start rolling, Netflix will suggest you check
out Gaspar Noé’s very NSFW feature Love. Indeed, it can get a bit annoying to just browse different genre sections to no avail.

Thankfully, the developers of Flixboss found a neat solution by creating their very own search engine, powered by The Movie Database (yes, the same one that is used by the likes of Letterboxd). Here is what the creators  say about their website:

“You are not alone. Let’s face it, the Netflix site and apps don’t make it easy. We’ve often spent 45 minutes or more just browsing the catalog, scrolling up and down aimlessly, before finally
being able to decide on a movie or series. We built Flixboss because we were tired of repeating this process over and over. It’s better to spend time watching rather than browsing, right?

In short: Flixboss is an improved search engine for Netflix that includes trailers, ratings from IMDb, recommendations and actually lists the movies in a logical order.”

Flixboss Helps You Figure Out What To Watch Next On Netflix

For example, for horror fans, Flixboss makes it easier than ever to find the perfect fright for the night. Just click “horror” and then filter by either decade, Netflix release date or even the IMDb rating.

You can even search films based on the director or the cast; the Flixboss engine does that without hesitation. For example, if you want to watch a film by François Ozon, you can just enter his name and get the desired results. It even shows if the film was available on Netflix previously, like Young & Beautiful.

Another useful feature is the “Leaving Soon” section, which highlights some hidden gems you might miss out on if you don’t watch them soon. Netflix purposefully hides this feature on their website and you may occasionally find yourself perplexed by the removal of  a movie you’ve had on your watchlist for a long time. Keeping an eye on the “Leaving Soon” section will make sure you never miss out.

Convenient and sleek, Flixboss is a remarkably simple tool to use when you’re in the mood for a movie night. It makes the search process a breeze and the included filters will make sure that
your experience isn’t hindered by unnecessary suggestions or improper algorithms.

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