Everyone’s on the hunt, but not necessarily for the same thing, in Paydirt, the latest from writer/director Christian Sesma.

A hidden fortune always motivates people, which is exactly what was left in the desert after a failed DEA bust. Sure, they got their man, Damien, but they didn’t get the money. What they found only put Damien away for a few years, and now that he’s been released, he’s ready to retrieve the money. Problem is that the rest of the criminal underworld is, too, and the frustrated former sheriff that got duped in the original bust isn’t about to let his old mark get away so easily.

source: Uncork’d Entertainment

This promises to be a down and dirty crime thriller. No frills, just good old fashioned genre action. That’s on brand for Sesma, who’s made a career churning out B-movie style flicks like Vigilante Diaries and The Night Crew.

His frequent collaborator Luke Goss heads the cast as Damien, but it’s the big-name addition of Val Kilmer as the former sheriff that could bring a new level of attention to Sesma’s gritty exercises. Kilmer’s done plenty of this stuff before, so his fans should be satisfied with this crime tale as long as Sesma continues his action-filled ways.

Paydirt is directed by Christian Sesma and stars Luke Goss, Val Kilmer, and Mike Hatton. It will be release in the US on August 7th, 2020. For international release dates, click here.

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