GET DUKED! Trailer

A trip to the Scottish Highlands becomes deadly in Get Duked!, the feature debut of writer/director Ninian Doff.

The four boys sent on this wilderness trek aren’t the most compatible bunch. Three of them are troublemakers sent on the trip as a learning experience while the fourth just signed up for the challenge. But none of them expected to encounter a masked man taking literal shots at them, or for the whole thing to turn into a life or death struggle. They’ll have to come together to survive, with the help of some psychotropics, of course.

GET DUKED! Trailer
source: Amazon Studios

With plenty of humor mixed in to this adventure, the film won over critics and audiences alike during its festival run. It took home the Audience Award in the Midnighters category at SXSW and sports a 78 on Metacritic at the time of writing. This bodes well for Doff’s future, who is jumping to features after working extensively in music videos.

The same goes for the film’s young stars Lewis Gribben, Rian Gordon, Viraj Juneja, and Samuel Bottomley. Their names are getting overshadowed in the marketing in favor of their more established co-stars like Eddie Izzard and Kate Dickie, but if the film is as good as its hype, then those four must’ve put in some great work. Hopefully, it doesn’t let us down.

Get Duked! is directed by Ninian Doff and stars Lewis Gribben, Rian Gordon, Viraj Juneja, and Samuel Bottomley. It will be released in the US on Amazon Prime on August 28th, 2020. Further release dates are not currently known.

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