Month: December 2020

The Unloved, Part 84: Reign of Fire

Today, my friends, the Unloved is seven years old. I decided to celebrate with a big action movie that happens to be set in 2020 and be about the last survivors of the apocalypse. Couldn’t

The Geographical Center of the European Union in Veitshöchheim, Germany

Visitors to the town of Gadheim will find a very unique geographical marker known as the center of the European Union. Unlike many central points located across various geographical regions, the honor of being the

Monasterio de Santa Catalina in Arequipa, Peru

On September 10, 1579, Doña María de Guzmán, a young, beautiful, and rich widow founded this monastery which only accepted young women from upper-class Spanish families. At the time, it was a tradition for the

What’s New to Stream on Netflix for December 2020

Crossing the Streams is our monthly look at all the offerings hitting the big streaming services each month, and this time we’re checking out the new Netflix arrivals for December 2020. This month’s titles include