Month: February 2021


The machines come to life in Willy’s Wonderland, the latest Nicolas Cage goes berserk movie. Once a place of food, games, and fun, Willy’s Wonderland has fallen into disrepair. In need of sprucing up, the

Alter Floßhafen (Former Raft Port) in Augsburg, Germany

Since the 13th-century, water from the Lech river was drained at the retaining weir known as “Hochablass” towards the city of Augsburg to drive water mills. In the past, goods were shipped along the river

Columbine Memorial in Littleton, Colorado

On April 20, 1999, two Columbine High School seniors entered the school heavily armed and killed 12 students and one teacher in what became one of the most tragic events in United States’ history.  In

Downfalling Short Film Review

★★ Directed by #PeterPalma Written by #PeterPalma Starring: #TommyBeswick #AimieGillan Film Review by Matthew Sawyer Downfalling shows us a brief glimpse of a young man’s life as he decides whether or not to take his

‘For some people, simulation theory is not a joke’ – Rodney Ascher on A Glitch in the Matrix

Rodney Ascher makes haunted house movies inside the human mind. Playful and unsettling, his horror documentaries filter subjective experience through pop-culture psychology, studying the art we consume and how it consumes us. In Room 237,

Sundance 2021: Searchers, R#J, First Date

The NEXT slate at Sundance is intended to celebrate digital filmmaking that pushes the boundaries of cinema to strange new places. For three films in this section, that means exploring love in the time of