Corrigan Suspension Bridge in Balook, Australia

Corrigan Suspension Bridge

Situated in the unique rainforest in the heart of the Tarra Bulga National Park lies the Corrigan Suspension Bridge. This bridge, named after a local engineer who led the construction project, was originally constructed in 1938 in an attempt to attract visitors to the perfect vantage point high above the tree ferns. This special structure was rebuilt by the local armed forces in 1982. 

Visitors are rewarded with a fantastic view over the rainforest and the variety of wildlife that can be found within the park. The park itself is of great biogeographical significance due to the species of flora and fauna that can be found within, including birds such as the lyrebird, Eastern whipbird, and Black cockatoo to name a few.

Interestingly, the Tarra Bulga National park is named after local Aboriginal man Charley Tarra, who guided Count Paweł Strzelecki on his first voyage through this area of Gippsland, Victoria. Strzelecki’s name was given to the Strzelecki mountain range, a set of low ridges in the local area.

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