Tusher Tunnel in Moab, Utah

 Tusher Tunnel. The tunnel is tall enough to stand upright--note the shadowed figure.

Tusher Tunnel is a crack that extends vertically through one of the sandstone units, the Slickrock Member of the Entrada Sandstone, that caps a ridge outside of Moab, Utah. Despite the name, it isn’t strictly a “tunnel” because it’s open at the top. Nevertheless, the crack is wider at the bottom, such that it effectively provides a tunnel through the sandstone ridge because the flared part is tall enough to stand up in.

The feature formed as water coming down through the crack was forced laterally on encountering an underlying impermeable layer, so that the lateral flow eroded the basal part of the crack into the flared cross-section. The tunnel is about 83 feer (25 m) long and is a popular trail destination, particularly for commercial ATV tours.

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