Jokelan Tiilitehdas Brick Factory in Jokela, Finland

The heart of the factory is a tyre shaped brick oven.

Jokelan Tiilitehdas is a historical brick factory founded in 1874. Inside, visitors are free to explore the romantic industrial building and enter a long brick oven designed in 1930.

The once-mighty factory is open for visitors during the summer, when it operates as a museum, cultural center, and bar hosting live music, theater, and art exhibitions.

The founding location of the factory was no accident as the land is rich in clay and was located along the very first railway line in Finland. The factory quickly grew and needed more workers. Just after one year of production, the area got its own railway stop and the small town of Jokela was born.

The factory dug their own clay from the soil around the factory. Visitors can still see many small ponds around the town born from the digging of clay.

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