Museum of Historic Annapolis in Annapolis, Maryland

The exhibit starts with a short film that ties together several stories of Annapolis history explored in the city's network of museums.

Ever seen a 250-pound wooden acorn, a Pulitzer Prize, ceramics from a wealthy Black family’s home in the post-Civil War South; or buttons from a Revolutionary War uniform? They’re among the scores of unique objects, photos, and stories on display at Annapolis: An American Story.

The exhibit connects the story of Annapolis as one of the birthplaces of American liberty to its role in the Civil Rights movement and the Naval Academy. The several exhibits are a quick tour of the history of the city and these various connections.

In addition to a fun learning experience, the museum serves as a starting point for visitors interested in exploring 10 partner sites, all located within a short walk from the museum. The William Paca House and Garden, the U.S. Naval Academy Museum, and the Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park are not far from the museum. 

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