Subeng River Dinosaur Prints in Jonathans, Lesotho

Subeng River dinosaur footprints.

Just over two hours from the city of Maseru, the narrow Subeng River in northern Lesotho has been home to a series of fossilized dinosaur prints for hundreds of millions of years. The reward for wading across the shallow water is a chance to get up close and personal with the tracks of several types of dinos, including the unique three-toed prints of the chicken-sized Lesothosaurus.

The fossilized footprints were first identified as dinosaur tracks in 1955. Footprints from at least three species of dinosaurs, possibly more, can be found at this site. In the preserved tracks, you can see that some had five toes on their feet, while others had three. By placing their hands down on the rocks, a visitor can instantly bridge the gap between the Cretaceous and the present.

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