Raymond Island Koala Trail in Raymond Island, Australia

Raymond Island Koala Trail

This small island, situated off the coast of Gippsland, Victoria is a quite fascinating example of nature co-existing with humans within residential neighborhoods and the surrounding area. A short ferry ride from Paynesville allows visitors to take the Koala Trail. Eagle-eyed visitors are rewarded with the sight of many koalas, arguably the best place in all of Australia to see these unique animals in their natural habitat.

In 1953, growing concerns were raised across Victoria about the falling numbers of koalas due to lack of food, human encroachment, and deforestation. It was decided to transport 32 koalas from Philip Island to Raymond Island and they have truly thrived in this environment with now over 200 koalas found here.

The 1.3-kilometer trail was designed to take visitors through residential streets, along a wooded area, and return along a boardwalk. It’s quite remarkable to see many koalas, echidnas, and even kangaroos among the eucalyptus trees that tower above the houses in this local community.

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