Millican Daltons Caves in Borrowdale, England


Millican’s cave was the home to Millican Dalton for around 50 years. He was a British self-proclaimed “Professor of Adventure.”

He left his city life and decided to live in a cave and remained self-sufficient. He also offered climbing and walking adventures for visitors to the area. He was famous for his hat and raft that he used to travel to the nearest town of Keswick. A few of his famous quotes are inscribed on a stone outside his cave.

By all accounts, Dalton was a gentleman, very much a free spirit, and ahead of his time. The nearest town of Keswick is now called the Adventure Capital of the Lakes. You can still visit Millican’s cave and it’s easy to see why he chose this spot, it’s beautiful, off the beaten track, has access to fresh water, and provides great shelter from the environment.

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