9 BULLETS Trailer

A woman attempts to grab control of her life in 9 Bullets, the latest from writer/director Gigi Gaston.

Dating the local crime boss means you’ll never escape the underworld entirely. The mysterious woman who Lena Headey plays has tried, having left behind him and her former job as a burlesque dancer, but life still gnaws at her. When her former boyfriend orders a hit on her neighbor’s entire family, she intervenes to save the young boy and his dog. Now on the run, the trio are fleeing from an entire world that threatens to gobble them up.

9 BULLETS Trailer
source: Screen Media

The setup will feel very familiar to fans of Headey, who does plenty of action films (often paired with a kid) in between the big roles she’s known for. She may have made lots of money sipping wine on Game of Thrones, but her action credentials can’t be questioned.

Neither can Gaston’s, who’s risen as a writer and director by making small thrillers like this one. They aren’t fancy, but they scratch an itch we all seem to have for gritty action supported by familiar interpersonal complications. You can probably guess where this is going to go, but if you can’t bear the suspense, there’s doesthedogdie.com.

9 Bullets is directed by Gigi Gaston and stars Lena Headey, Dean Scott Vazquez, and Sam Worthington. It will be released in the US on April 22nd, 2022. Further release dates are not currently known.

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