La Piedra Escrita in Jayuya, Puerto Rico

La Piedra Escrita in Jayuya

La Piedra Escrita translates to “the written stone” and resides in Jayuya covered in Taíno petroglyphs from the pre-Columbian era. Located inside the Rio Saliente, La Piedra Escrita partially blocks the path of the river, forming a tidal pool safe for swimming. The area surrounding La Piedra Escrita has picnic tables, viewing towers, and a wooden boardwalk that goes to the river. While the atmosphere invites visitors to float and relax in the natural pool, thrill-seekers often climb la Piedra Escrita and jump into the water. 

The petroglyphs on the rock reflect the lifestyle and beliefs of the Taíno people that inhabited different parts of Puerto Rico before Spaniards reached the Island in 1493. It’s believed Jayuya was home to a large population of Taíno that left behind petroglyphs not only in La Piedra Escrita, but also in other archeological sites like Mural de Zama located on the island’s highest point, Cerro Punta. Jayuya is also home to multiple museums and monuments that celebrate the Taíno culture such as the El Cemi Museum and La Tumba del Indio. 

Once in the city, visitors can’t miss the chance to experience Jayuya’s coffee culture. Jayuya has multiple coffee plantations known as haciendas. Hacienda San Pedro is famous for producing artisanal coffee. Other coffee shops worth visiting are Cafe Nativo, Paliques Cafe, and Cafe Tres Picachos.

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