Capernwray Dive Centre in Capernwray, England

A diver swims along the side of the plane wreck

The most well-known inland diving site in the United Kingdom is Stoney Cove, which boasts the largest inland wreck. However, this quieter quarry near Lancaster is the final resting place of a behemoth within its waters that challenges that title. 

The former limestone quarry is about 25 meters (82 feet) deep at its deepest point and boasts quite a range of attractions within its waters, including a minesweeper, helicopters, a Cessna, and there was even an oil rig which has now been removed.

However, the main attraction of Capernwray can be found almost immediately after getting into the water. After jumping off the pier and making your way down a steep cliff, at a depth of about 15 meters (49 feet), you will find a twin-engine medium size airliner, specifically, a Hawker Siddeley HS 748.

This artificial reef is larger than most other wrecks you will find at any inland dive site and upon seeing this plane, it’s easy to see how it could steal the title for ‘Largest Inland Wreck’. The plane was specially cleaned and prepared for divers and makes for a nice swim-through wreck for divers as the tail section has been cut off and lies next to the plane.

Above water, the site also boasts a shop, cafe, air refill station, and changing facilities.

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