‘Conny The Whale’ in West Hartford, Connecticut

Walk around towards the front and on to the opposite side where you can enter it's hollow inside.

On the grounds of The Children’s Museum, a few minutes off of Route 84 in West Hartford stands a life-sized, walk-in sculpture of a sperm whale—a fixture on the museum grounds for the better part of 40 years.

“Conny” (named after the state of Connecticut) is 60 feet in length and appears to be a solid statue. However, as visitors follow the walkway around to the museum, they will find a trail that leads to a large entryway on the whale’s body.

The cavity inside Conny is large enough to fit nearly 10 people comfortably. It’s not anatomical, so no suggestion of ribs or other internal components of a whale are visible. Conny is a delightful roadside attraction

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