Skipping Girl Sign in Abbotsford, Australia

Skipping Girl Sign

First erected in 1936, The Skipping Girl neon sign has become something of a Melbourne icon that lights up the inner Melbourne suburb of Abbotsford after dark.

Known colloquially as “Little Audrey,” the sign was advertising the Skipping Girl Vinegar brand and was placed on the roof of a factory at 627 Victoria Street, Abbotsford. It was later removed in 1968, but this was met with mass opposition from locals who had grown to love the quirky sign. This led to a reproduction of the sign being erected in 1970 a short distance down the road. 

The sign has now become an icon of Melbourne, and after being officially declared a Victorian Heritage site by the National Trust, the sign was restored in 2009 back to its former glory. The structure is made of painted metal with neon tubing. It comes to life when the neon in the rope creates a motion effect.

It has become a site of great cultural significance and popular culture. In September 2015, the sign was featured in a series of stamps released by Australia Post.  


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