McNamara Terminal Light Tunnel in Detroit, Michigan

McNamara Terminal Light Tunnel

Running underground beneath the active tarmac at Detroit Airport’s McNamara Terminal, a 700- foot corridor connects Concourse A with Concourses B and C. Dubbed the Light Tunnel, this hall is lit along the entire length of its ceiling and walls with LED lights that smoothly transition through a range of colors. Glass panels on the walls are sculpted with abstract, flowing patterns that resemble rivers and other topographic features viewed from the air.

Two moving walkways on either side of the open floor provide swift transportation between the terminals.

Originally known as the Motown Music Tunel when the lights were first installed in 2016, the corridor featured a looping 20-minute sampling of several famous Motown songs from The Temptations, Supremes, Stevie Wonder, and others.

In the years since the tunnel’s opening, the music has been switched to a softer, atmospheric track, though the original Motown tracks still play periodically. 

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