Mill of the Elves (Matsopoulos Mill) in Trikala, Greece

Mill of the Elves (Matsopoulos Mill)

The Mill of the Elves is located in the Greek town of Trikala, near the local railway station. The original structure was constructed in 1884, after the region of Thessaly passed from Ottoman to Greek rule, and it was the first roller mill and pasta factory in the country.

The mill changed owners multiple times, later brought by Ioannis Matsopoulos. It then became the property of the municipality of Trikala after his death. The factory stayed in operation for exactly 100 years, closing in 1984.

After its closure, the structure was turned into a cultural center and park. Many activities take place now in the old mill, which also hosts a theater and cinema. During Christmas time, the location transforms into the Mill of the Elves, thanks to fancy decorations that attract and impress children and tourists.

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