The Hamble-Warsash Pink Ferry in Hamble-le-Rice, England

'Claire' crossing to the Warsash side

The River Hamble and it’s surrounding areas have plenty of glorious nature walks but this small ferry service is a charming part of the area with roots that date back hundreds of years. The ferry has gained local fame for its unusual look: a coat of bright pink paint that stands out against the backdrop of white pleasure and racing yachts that dot the River Hamble.

Records indicate that there was a ferry service across the River Hamble as early as 1493. Records from 1572 document that the cost of crossing using the ferry cost a man and his horse one penny. In the early 1900s, a small shelter was constructed on the Warsash side to be used as a shelter for customers and keg storage. It still stands on the Warsash side to this day.

In 2002, the ferry service changed hands to its current owners, who decided to paint the boats an instantly recognizable shade of bubblegum pink. This was met with uproar, as the locals did not want to see their local ferry service (at the time, painted white) turn bright pink. However, any backlash quickly diminished as the Pink Ferry quickly became synonymous with the area.

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