A CHIARA Trailer

A teenage girl discovers who her family really is in A Chiara, the latest from writer/director Jonas Carpignano.

Chiara, her family, and their friends were gathered to celebrate her older sister’s 18th birthday. It’s a big one, and the party was equally big and raucous, an event the family was supposed to remember and cherish. But the next day Chiara’s father goes missing, and in her search for answers, Chiara discovers difficult truths about her family that will alter how she understands them forever.

A CHIARA Trailer
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The film is the end of a loose trilogy for Carpignano, preceded by Mediterranea and A Ciambra. Focused on the different social strata of the Calabria region in Italy, this film sees him move into the upper echelons. But, of course, everything isn’t rosy just because there’s money around. These are stark, intimate films, and their eye for life in southern Italy isn’t a kind one.

The perspective generally flows through one character, which puts a lot of weight on Swamy Rotolo as this film’s central character, Chiara. She previously appeared in A Ciambra, so presumably, she knew what Carpignano needed going in, and reviews from the film’s festival run indicate that she and  Carpignano pull off something bracing.

A Chiara is directed by Jonas Carpignano and stars Swamy Rotolo, Claudio Rotolo, and Grecia Rotolo. It will be released in the US on May 27th and in the UK on July 15th. For international release dates, click here.

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