EIFFEL Trailer

Discover the inner workings of Paris’ famous tower in Eiffel, the latest from director Martin Bourboulon.

The film is a bit of misdirection because while it does tell the story of Gustave Eiffel’s long and embattled creation of the Eiffel Tower for the 1889 World’s Fair, it pivots to an imagined scenario that’s much more personal. Eiffel, you see, in between designing and building the now-beloved tower will fall in love with an intriguing young woman, but neither tower nor woman will abide getting half his attention.

EIFFEL Trailer
source: Blue Fox Entertainment

It’s a gauzy, safe-looking biopic, even if it’s not all precisely true. Still, a man doing a legendary thing while navigating a swoony romance is the stuff films are made for, so it’s sure to attract an audience.

Trying to keep the project grounded is Bourboulon, an unlikely choice for the project after having directed two divorce comedies. The wattage in front of the camera is bright, though, with 6-time César nominee Romain Duris staring as the titular Eiffel and Sex Education’s Emma Mackey playing his love interest, Adrienne Bourgès.

The film received solid reviews from its festival run, so fans of a good old biopic should be happy with this mix of romance and history.

Eiffel is directed by Martin Bourboulon and stars Romain Duris and Emma Mackey. It will be released in the US on June 3rd, 2022. For international release dates, click here.

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