Hero Dog Monument in Belgrade, Serbia

Hero Dog Monument

Pašino Brdo hill in Belgrade has a large park called Šumice (little forest).

Inside the park is a sports center with the same name, and next to the main entrance is a small dog monument with a great background story. Years ago, a circus came to Belgrade. Tents were set in Šumice park and children were invited to the event.

One of the main circus attractions was a tiger, but the wild animal somehow managed to escape from its cage and started running at a child in the audience. An English Cocker Spaniel saw the threatening situation and attacked the tiger, trying to save the endangered child. He was saved, and the tiger was captured, but the fight was fatal for the dog.

Veterinarians did their best, but the little hero passed away. Grateful citizens decided to build a monument inside the park to honor his memory.

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