Slot Car City in Las Vegas, Nevada

Slot Car City

Slot car racing is one of those quintessential 1980s and 1990s hobbies that visitors might remember alongside old-school arcades and animatronic pizza places. Many people will remember these races fondly but may be surprised to find that the hobby is still very much alive and kicking with weekly competitions and cash prizes.

Slot Car City has survived more than two decades thanks to a dedicated base of fans that keep coming back, as well as new people who pick up this high paced hobby. 

The shophouses are two large tracks that are roughly 150 feet long, with driving speeds of around 21 mph for newcomers and close to 30 for professionals. There is also a shop and a workspace where visitors can buy entire cars or car parts to create the ultimate slot car. For those who don’t have one, you can also rent. 

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