Raša Popov Monument in Belgrade, Serbia

Raša Popov Monument

One of Belgrade’s most interesting monuments is that of Raša Popov, made entirely of screw nuts. The monument’s author is Boris Deheljan and it was presented to the public in October 2020 at Plato Raše Popova, the square of the same name. When it was renovated it was decided by city urbanism that it would be named after its famous neighbor who didn’t live far from the square.

Popov was born in Mokrin, Serbia but lived in Belgrade most of his life. He was a writer, journalist, and actor, but is most known for his various children’s TV shows. 

Boris Deheljan, the statue’s sculptor, was born in Belgrade in 1981 and is known for his metal sculptures. He is mainly inspired by film and music, and his famous works include sculptures of  Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Velimir, and Bata Živojinović. 

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