Las Vegas Strip Benchmarks in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Strip Benchmarks

The Las Vegas strip is also known as the busiest street in the world with over 40 million visitors each year. So, it’s very important that its location is clear on maps and GPS.

This is typically achieved by surveyors who measure the exact location of several hundred points on the strip, each of them marked with a brass medallion. Besides serving as an absolute position marker, these benchmarks also help surveyors determine if the ground under the strip is stable with the weight of all the casinos surrounding it. 

Every decade or so, the points are measured to see if they have moved. If they have moved, this information is researched and the issue is corrected to ensure the safety of the guests and the buildings that line the strip.

Additionally, they signify the right of way for pedestrians, meaning that any car crossing the strip has to yield to pedestrians. 

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