Wirth’s Circus Mosaic in Southbank, Australia

Wirth’s Circus Mosaic

Situated at the site of the Victorian Arts Centre lies this eye-catching mosaic that commemorates 150 years of circus entertainment in Australia. This special artwork was unveiled in June 1988 and was a collaboration between the Performing Arts Museum, Victorian Arts Centre, and Circus Fans of Australasia Inc.

During its long and illustrious history, the Wirth Brothers’ Circus performed from 1858 to 1963 and their show was often labeled ‘The Greatest Show on Earth.” They grew and developed into what became an iconic Australian institution that brought laughter and joy to both locals and visitors from overseas.

The mosaic was designed by Joe Attard and David Jack (Melbourne Mural Studio) and was supported by the Commonwealth Department of Communications and the Arts.

On this site lay the famous circus tents which formed part of Wirth Park, and also on the site was a hippodrome, roller skating rink, race track, and lake among other features.



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