COURAGE Statue in Fitzroy, Australia

Courage Statue

This statue is an iconic piece of public art crafted by Australian sculptor William Eicholtz. It symbolizes the lives of the LBGTQ+ community in Melbourne. Sitting beside the town hall in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, the statue was created as part of the official Culture Programme of the 20th International AIDS conference that was held in the city in July 2014. 

The bronze sculpture depicts the Cowardly Lion, the fictional character in the well-known musical fantasy, The Wizard of Oz, and is said to stand for possessing the courage to be yourself. Eicholtz is a contemporary sculptor who has won many awards for his eye-catching art. He dedicated this particular work to the legacy of Ralph McLean. 

The statue resides on a stone base that lights up at night, providing a special view of this unique and significant work of art. 

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